Greg Laurie & Christian Family Fellowship

by James Kieferdorf


Sadly, again, I see that Greg Laurie's Harvest Crusade, 2018, has Christian Family Fellowship as a ministry-sponsor.


CFF is lumped in with 70 or so Calvary Chapels, (See Below).


CFF has a slick site, (See Below)


Only problem, is that CCF is a anti-Trinitarian cult, denying the deity of Christ and other Biblical teachings.


They are one of many off-shoots of The Way International, whose founder was no friend of the Christian faith as is evident from his book, "Jesus Christ Is Not God'


Many have been deceived/duped by CFF, because they use Evangelical vocabulary, and talk about Jesus......


Their Jesus is not God.


Ministry Partners for SoCal Harvest - SoCal Harvest 2018

Angel Stadium on August 1820, 2017.


Christian Family Fellowship