The Alnor Report

Jerry Falwell  Endorses Benny Hinn at Liberty University

Report By Jackie Alnor

March 3, 2000

On the “This is Your Day” program with Benny Hinn on December 28, 1999, Benny, in studio with his guests Steve Brock and a man named Ron (last name not given), featured clips from his 25th ministry anniversary celebration, highlighting several Christian leaders who came to pay tribute to him. Benny’s regular admirers appeared singing Benny’s praises, such as Rex Humbard, Paul Crouch and Oral Roberts. But one surprise guest was Moral Majority founder, Jerry Falwell, clad in his finest tuxedo, who gave his own personal endorsement of Benny Hinn.

Ron marveled about Falwell’s comments, “His students knew who you were,” he beamed. “And many of them were your partners! That shows me that the whole body of Christ is waking up to the fact that the Holy Spirit is doing something sovereign in the earth!”

Here is the transcript of Falwell’s tribute from the clip that was aired:

“Pastor Benny and I are friends and I’m glad for every soul that comes and has come to Christ through your ministry over the past 25 years. A few weeks ago Pastor Hinn called, and one of his staff members, and said, ‘Benny wants to come to Lynchburg and he wants your undivided attention for a day.’ Well, my wife would tell you that my undivided attention for a day is hard for her to get! I like your pastor, I schedule too many things. But he came and we had a wonderful day together. He met the 6,000 students on the campus of Liberty University as we walked from building to building, most of them knew him. Many of them were your partners (applause). We spent a lot of time and conversation about what God is doing.”

Falwell has a habit of looking in all the wrong places for what God is doing. In the past he has even aligned himself with self-proclaimed messiah, Sun Myung Moon, to further his own political agenda. Falwell is a role-model to church leaders who can look to him and know how not to be, if one wants to know how to be pleasing to the Lord.

The full-length videos from the 25th Anniversary celebration are available from the Benny Hinn ministries at